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A Six-Year-Old was fatally shot in her sleep at her Cleveland, Ohio, home on Oct. 5, according to multiple reports.

ABC News reported that the victim, Lyric Melodi Lawson, was sleeping in her home when her house was “shot up,” and one of the bullets hit Lyric in her head, killing her, according to Jennifer Ciaccia, a Cleveland Police Sergeant. Police were called to the 1300 block of East 171st street after receiving a report of child being shot, according to FOX 8 Cleveland.

First responders administered first aid to the six-year-old and an ambulance rushed her to the hospital. However, the six-year-old did not survive her injuries and was later pronounced dead at the local hospital, according to News 5 Cleveland.

The news outlet reported that the person who showered the Lawson’s house with bullets had managed to escape in a dark colored car. At this time no arrests have been made, and the investigation remains ongoing. Authorities encourage people who might have information about the shooting to contact the police. News 5 Cleveland also reported that CrimeStoppers has put up a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest of anyone responsible for the shooting.

At the time of the shooting, the six-year-old’s two sisters were also sleeping in the same room. Cleveland.com reported that the shooting had left Lyric Lawson’s sister completely “shell-shocked,” according to Corday Lawson, the girls’ aunt. Corday Lawson said that Lyric Lawson was the middle child between her eight-year-old sister and her five-year-old sister.

“She’s a fun going girl. She has two sisters. She’s the middle child, they hang out every day. They love their grandparents, they love their parents. They love their aunties, uncles. They’re just regular kids,” Davell Lawson, their uncle, said. “And all I want to know is who would do something like this?”

Corday Lawson also took to Facebook to post about the tragedy, writing, “we want justice if you heard something say it if you seen something say it this is a baby the street code is out the window she didn’t deserve this we don’t deserve this.”

Corday Lawson said that the girls were supposed to be spending the weekend with her, and voiced regret for not having picked her nieces up on the night of Oct. 4, according to Cleveland.com.

A vigil and a march were held in honor of the six-year-old, according to Cleveland.com on Oct. 7, at 5:30 p.m., starting from Lyric Lawson’s school at the Hannah Gibbons-STEM and ending at the six-year-old’s house. Another vigil could possibly be held on Oct. 8, but no official information has been released to confirm this yet.

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