After Mother Contracted Coronavirus in Wuhan, Local Resident Calls Chinese Flag “Flag of Lies”

by AR

Jason Wang came to Canada from Wuhan, now the epicentre of the outbreak in China a year ago, joined the debate on if The City of Markham should fly the China flag on it’s national day.

Jason’s 72-years-old mother had contracted the coronavirus, then his elderly father. “now they are isolated at home, without medical care, without food, cannot go out shop for supplies” Jason said during his speech at Markham council chamber.

“Why Chinese Canadian so panic? Because none of them believe the Chinese government and their report, just like me. Chinese government deceived the world over and over again, and here we are discussing weather raise this flag of lies”.

Toward the end of his speech, Jason pull out of a revised PRC flag with all the stars and replaced by different sizes of Coronavirus.

After debate, The City of Markham voted down the motion ( 8 vs 5) put forward by some residents that would prohibit the flying of foreign national flags on city property.

NTD News Toronto

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