Biden Commits to Defending Taiwan From China

by EditorR

Premiered on May 23, 2022

President Joe Biden reiterated the country’s commitment to Taiwan: defending the island amid attack from China. But are there any changes in U.S. strategy?

A new economic strategy for allies in and around Asia is being formed under U.S. leadership. But is China invited? Is Taiwan invited? And what is the most difficult part in the strategy?

The NBA returns to China after a three-year ban. An investigation finds NBA team owners have billions of dollars of investments in China.

And we sat down with John O’Neill and Sarah Wynne, authors of “The Dancer and the Devil.” They tell us how communist China tried to stop their book from being published here in America.

Topics in this episode:
Biden Announces Indo-Pacific Econ. Framework
E-Vehicles Top Cobalt Demand, More China Dependence?
ESPN Analysis on NBA Owners’ Ties to China
Author: China Destroyed Manuscript to Stop Book
Milley Warns of Likely War With Russia, China
Australia’s Albanese to Meet Quad Leaders
In Review: Australia-China Relations History

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