Biden Joins TikTok in Push for Young Voters | China In Focus

by EditorR

How far is President Joe Biden willing to go to reach young voters? Far enough to join TikTok, despite his approval of a limited ban on the Chinese-owned app over security fears.

A gripping tale of ongoing tensions between Taiwan and China unfolds on the big screen. A film about Taiwan’s battle-scarred frontline islands has been nominated for an Oscar.

Argentine soccer star Lionel Messi is entangled in a round of cancellations from China stemming from his no-show at a friendly match in Hong Kong.

The CEO of a major Chinese investment company is found dead. Local media says he took his own life due to the plunging Chinese stock market.

  1. Biden Joins TikTok in Push for Young Voters
  2. Biden Campaign on ‘A Weaponized Platform’: Expert
  3. Taiwan Spots Record Chinese Balloons Over Airspace
  4. China New Year Show Includes Soldiers on Active Duty
  5. Film on China-Taiwan Tensions Nominated for Oscar
  6. China Cancels Two Soccer Matches Featuring Messi
  7. Stock Guru’s Suicide Sends Shockwaves Through China
  8. Rep. Gallagher: Will Not Run for Re-Election
  9. UAE AI Firm Cuts China, Seeks More Cooperation with U.S.
  10. Coldplay, Other Music Stars Censored in China
  11. Does Apple Need China Sales?

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