China’s New Trade Data Disappoints, Again | China In Focus

by EditorR

China’s trade numbers fall again. What’s going on with China’s economic recovery?

One of America’s most vital allies in Asia might be at risk. Chinese cyber-spies reportedly wormed their way into Japan’s most sensitive defense networks. What’s at stake?

Home buyers from China are making a comeback in U.S. real estate. Rather than investing in properties at home, they’re more interested in homes and vacation residences in America.

Topics in this episode:

  1. China New Trade Data Plunges by Double Digits
  2. Chinese Buying U.S. Homes, Reshapes Market
  3. China’s Typhoon Doksuri Flood Victims: Footage
  4. Protests Erupt in China’s Flooded Cities
  5. China Hacked Japan’s Defense Networks: Report
  6. CCP Vessel Fires Water Canon at the Philippine Boat
  7. What Info Did Navy Spies Sell to China?
  8. U.S.-Taiwan policy needs ‘strategic clarity’: Maat

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