Chinese LidAR Maker Sues U.S. Government | China in Focus

by EditorR

A blacklisted Chinese firm is picking a fight with the U.S. government. What do we know about its lawsuit against Washington?

Punishing China for what the United States calls cheating, President Joe Biden is hiking taxes on $18 billion worth of Chinese imports, from electric vehicles to solar panels.

Deepening a “no limits” partnership, Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to visit China this week, marking his first foreign trip since his reelection.

The UK hitting back at Chinese espionage efforts, summoning China’s ambassador and charging three suspects.

  1. Chinese LidAR Maker Sues U.S. Government
  2. Biden Hikes Tariffs on $18B Worth of Chinese Imports
  3. China’s Unfair Trade Practices ‘Predatory’: Chang
  4. Biden Blocks Chinese Firm from Land Ownership
  5. Russia’s Putin to Visit China, Hold Talks with Xi
  6. EU Commissioner Visits Serbia Following Xi’s Trip
  7. German Chancellor on EU Tariffs for Chinese EVs
  8. Britain Summons Chinese Ambassador Over Spying Charges
  9. China to Issue $138B in Bonds to Boost Economy
  10. Falun Gong Practitioners Honor Holiday Amid Ukraine War
  11. U.S., China Met in Geneva to Discuss AI Risks
  12. China Developing Its Own AI Technology
  13. Shen Yun Performing Arts Concludes 2024 Global Tour

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