Chinese-Made Subway Cars Fail in Massachusetts

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Has the U.S. policy of “strategic ambiguity” toward Taiwan changed? President Joe Biden says no, just one day after he suggested the end of that position. But what are experts saying?

Four leading Indo-Pacific nations vow to stand together to keep the region free and open. They say they’re keeping an eye on China.

Subway cars made by a Chinese company are being removed from service in Boston after a series of accidents over the past three years.

Beijing tightens control over its COVID-19 narrative inside the country. One of our team members shares their first-hand experience.

Data research tells us that investing in Chinese stocks may be a bad idea. Return is low—very low—compared to other markets.

Topics in this episode:

Biden’s Remarks on Taiwan Not Gaffe: Expert
Quad Vows to Stand Up for Freedom, Openness
Chinese-Made Subway Cars Fail in Massachusetts
Beijing Lockdown Angers Local Residents
Beijing Citizen Cuts Contact w/ Family Member Abroad Under Authorities’ Threats Over Pandemic Narrative
Data: Investing in Chinese Stocks a Bad Idea
China’s Lockdown Impacting US Economy
Movie Festival on Human Rights Returns to NY
UN Human Rights Chief Lands in China
Dissident: Beijing’s Spy Operations in the US

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