‘Doggie Years’ a Myth, Say Scientists

by FDeditor

Pet owners have long thought a dog’s “true” age is calculated by multiplying it by seven to get its age in “doggie” years. But scientists have discovered some breeds age much more quickly than others.

Scientists concluded that in human years, dogs at 2 years old are already middle-aged.

“That is barking mad, excuse the pun, but for a dog to be at that age at the age of 2, when they’re even more playful and energetic than Charlie is, that’s crazy.”

Scientists at the University of California claim DNA testing proves that compared to humans, dogs age at a faster rate in their earlier years.

Vet Rory Cowlam says vets have always questioned the seven-year rule and debunked it years ago.

“It’s never really fit with what we see in a clinical picture with puppies and one and 2-year-olds because they really do. I mean, there’s always that thing, ‘Oh, my dog’s calmed down around the age of 3 or calmed down around the age of 4.’”

The aging process then “tails off” when they reach 8 or 9.

The good news for older dogs is that the difference between both methods of calculation evens out later in life.

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