Downed Iranian Drones May Have Chinese Parts: Experts | China In Focus

by EditorR

Tensions are soaring after Iran’s unprecedented attacks on Israel. Could Chinese-made components have lent Iran a hand?

Beijing is hinting for the first time that the man it executed for spying sold secrets to Washington.

The Biden administration is betting big on microchip making in the United States. We take a closer look at an over $6 billion investment into a major semiconductor maker.

Fashion lovers could be in for an unwelcome tag-along: respiratory viruses carried by fur clothing. Reports found at least five fur farms in China pose threats to human health.

  1. Downed Iranian Drones May Have Chinese Parts: Experts
  2. Iran-Israel Conflict Isn’t Like China-Taiwan: Expert
  3. Chinese Media Confirms Spy Killed for Selling Secrets
  4. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz Visits China
  5. Samsung Beats Apple to Become No. 1 Phone Maker
  6. White House: Up to $6.4B to Samsung for Chip Making
  7. China to Telecom Firms: Phase Out Foreign Chips: WSJ
  8. Animal Furs from China Could Carry Viruses: Report
  9. San Francisco Mayor Wants Local Chinese University
  10. FBI Director Warns of Coordinated Attack on U.S.
  11. CCP Members Rejected from Entering U.S. Customs

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