Eating Well Leads to Good Health: French Chefs Give Their Best Advice

by FDeditor

A show at the Grand Palais in Paris last weekend drew about 25,000 visitors, with a hundred French chefs dedicated to showing how to eat well.

“Bien manger” is French for “eating well.” Parisians, tourists, and food lovers were invited to meet with a hundred chefs and exhibitors, cooking and unveiling their recipes.

The show featured a selection of around 300 fresh products from around the world.

In France, there is a motto that says eating well is the start toward a healthy life. If you would like to put this advice into practice, one chef provides his advice.

According to former chef Gerard Cagna, we should always eat in response to seasonal products, eat locally, as well as pay attention to our philosophy of eating.

The Ancient Greek philosopher Epicure said: “eat well and you’ll live well for a long time.”

The mastermind behind the show, Thierry Marx, is a fan of the food-culture in the United States, where his family lives.

“Street Food is a marvelous thing,” Marx said. “Street food also allows you to get in touch with other cultures and their roots.”

Reporting by David Vives.


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