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Epoch Times Reporting Helped Mother Finally Receive Care in Wuhan for Coronavirus, Toronto Man Says

Toronto resident Jason Wang, whose elderly mother has contracted the coronavirus in Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreak in China, says she is finally receiving care at a hospital thanks to The Epoch Times’ reporting on her case.

Wang approached the Chinese edition of The Epoch Times earlier this week to report that his 72-year-old mother had been told by doctors on Jan. 19 that she had contracted the coronavirus, but she wasn’t able to get treatment at a hospital.

The deadly virus has infected thousands of people in Wuhan and other locations in China and around the world.



Jason Wang, a Toronto resident, whose mother has contracted the coronavirus in Wuhan, China. (Becky Zhou/The Epoch Times)

“There are no beds in the hospital. Countless people are standing in line at the hospital, and some people can only lie in the hospital entrance or outpatient department,” Wang told The Epoch Times at the time.

Wang said the Wuhan Nov. 4 Hospital refused to admit his mother, and her subsequent follow-ups with the administration for coordinating medical care produced no results.

Wang said he called the director of the hospital administration, Mr. Zhou, on Jan. 26, but Zhou’s response was that he had reported the case to his superior and there was nothing that could be done at that point but wait.

Due to travel bans to Wuhan, no relatives could travel there by vehicle to care for his mom, Wang said, and he himself couldn’t fly there either. His mother had to stay in isolation at home, running out of food and supplies.

The day after The Epoch Times reported about his mom’s situation on Jan. 28, Wang said he received a call from Zhou, who had a completely different attitude, showing more concern for Wang’s mother and promising to arrange a bed for her.

“Our management already knows about you, the city chiefs know about it, and they are very concerned about it,” Wang quoted the director as saying. “Our superior is very concerned about the beds and wards. If there are any available, we will make it available for you immediately.”

Zhou then told Wang that for the time being his mother can get care at a community hospital, and that if they encounter any issues, they should notify him directly.

Wang said his mother’s condition has now improved after receiving care at the community hospital.

“Director Zhou’s attitude is completely different now, it’s changed. Without that [Epoch Times] report, they wouldn’t care about my mother at all,” he said. “Thank you Epoch Times for your help saving my mom. I don’t know how to express my gratitude. Thank you very much.”

Wang and his family moved to Toronto a year ago from Wuhan.

“I often read Epoch Times reports and have come to know a lot of the truth [about the Chinese regime]. I had been deceived by the Chinese Communist Party before,” he said, referring to Epoch Times’ independent coverage of China.

“I am thankful to Epoch Times staff for their hard work over so many years.”


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