Facts Matter (Nov. 3): Secret Audio Recordings Reveal Lockstep Virus Protocols, Patient Isolation by Hospitals

by EditorR

According to secretly recorded audiotapes of hospital employees in Arizona, it appears to show that hospitals across the entire state are conducting COVID-19 protocols in lockstep with one another—including isolating patients longer than is recommended by the CDC, denying them permission to see either their attorneys or their family members, as well as denying them nourishment.

Meanwhile, a federal judge recently ruled that the Biden administration cannot terminate either federal employees or military personnel who are in the process of applying for a religious exemption to the vaccine.

Likewise, in the state of Illinois, a judge just ruled that a hospital cannot place their unvaccinated employees who already have a religious exemption on unpaid leave—meaning that they must continue to pay them.

Lastly, in Minnesota, a local school board has taken a different approach to fight back against parental criticism. They did this by issuing a bevy of new rules—including forcing parents to publicly state their home address if they would like to speak.

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