Former Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s Legacy: A Closer Look | China In Focus

by EditorR

A sudden death announcement is sending shock waves through China. Beijing’s No. 2 official has died of a heart attack. What does his passing mean for Chinese politics and society?

A Chinese fighter jet flew within 10 feet of a U.S. bomber, adding another occasion to over 180 such intercepts in recent years.

A driving force behind Beijing’s draconian pandemic policy has died at 60 years old, after disappearing from the public eye in recent months due to health concerns.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has strong words about Israel, Ukraine, and China. He describes how they all play into each other, and his plan if chosen as U.S. commander in chief.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Former Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s Legacy: A Closer Look
  2. Former Premier Li Keqiang’s Most Sensitive Speeches
  3. China’s Chief Epidemiologist, COVID-19 Advisor Dies
  4. U.S.: Chinese Jet Got Within Ten Feet of B-52 Bomber
  5. DeSantis: Wars in Middle East, Ukraine Benefit China
  6. Gov. Newsom Tours Great Wall Alongside Climate Talks
  7. San Francisco Bay Area City Denounces Israel
  8. Australia Charges Seven with Laundering $144 Million for Chinese Crime Syndicate
  9. China Accepts Invitation to AI Summit in UK
  10. ‘There’s No Hope Now’: Graceffo on Waning Chinese Economic Liberalization Amid Li Keqiang Death

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