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French President Pays Tribute to Killed Policemen at Paris Police StationAngry Queensland Mother…

French President Emmanuel Macron on Oct. 8 paid homage to four employees of the Paris police who were killed during a knife attack at the headquarters last week.

The assailant killed three police officers and an administrative worker with a knife last week, before being shot dead by police. He was an IT worker at the headquarters.

Prosecutors say initial investigations reveal the attacker converted to Islam and had contact with individuals likely belonging to an Islamist Salafist movement. The 45-year-old was born in the French-owned carribean island of Martinique.

Macron said France must develop a society of vigilance in its fight against Islamist militancy.

“Let’s gather together relentlessly, against Islamism, against this deadly ideology, which does not recognize neither the law nor our right nor our way of life,” Macron said.

Macron saluted the fallen agents’ coffins as the French national anthem played.