From Fisherman to World Champion Fruit Carver

by FDeditor

NEW YORK—One has to be very dedicated to wake-up at 5 a.m. and work until midnight every day. But, one young man feels that when you love your job, it never feels like work.

Daniele Barresi, a carving designer won the world over by his avocado arts in 2017.

Born and raised in Italy as 3rd generation fisherman, he knew he wanted to do something else for the rest of his life.

He decided to join a professional cooking school and moved to Australia .. chasing for his dream.

When he first saw a crafted pumpkin and watermelon, it inspired him to try carving himself.

He started with an apple and continued to practice the techniques he learned every day for three to four months.

“The first artwork for me is the best because I really liked it,” said Barresi.  As the artworks gave him the motivation and inspiration to continue.

After a year of practicing, he decided to participate in competition.”So roughly I did more than 1000 pumpkin one year, every day, every night, so so I trained every day,” he said, while preparing himself for the world championship in Switzerland 2014.

His hard work paid off with a gold medal. Since then he has gained confidence and a reputation. In 2015, he won another gold medal for being a world championship fruit carver in Luxembourg.

Barresi gave thanks for his skills to the hard-working life growing up in his family.

His artwork has received heart-warming attention from around the world, which motivates him to continue improving and challenging himself.

“When I say no, I can’t do that. It’s not like giving up,” he said. “I want to try, and say ‘well, at least I tried.’”

Barresi says he learns through his mistakes, which may not really be mistakes after all.

“When you make a mistake, never feel frustrated,” he added. “Focus on it and you gonna end up doing something special.”

His years of dedication and hard work paid off in 2017 when his avocado art went viral on Instagram.

Now, he is challenging himself by carving other materials such as soap, wax, and silicon—something he never believed he could do before.

“You need to continue to learn, and if you work hard, you will be able to reach it,” he said. “better to start from the beginning, step by step, reach where you want to reach.”

That is where he makes the impossible, possible.


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