Juror in Trump’s ‘Hush-Money’ Trial Dismissed; Biden Wins Endorsement of Kennedy Family Members

by EditorR

A juror who was seated on the jury for former President Donald Trump’s Manhattan “´hush money” trial earlier this week was excused on April 18, after saying she had concerns about her ability to be fair and impartial—and fears that her identity might be made public. New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan called attorneys up to confer shortly after taking the bench, saying that the woman—also known as “Juror 2”—had slept on the decision overnight before informing the court that she wished to be dismissed.

The House Rules Committee has met to discuss a series of bills to provide foreign aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. House Republicans on Wednesday released the text for the measures, which have already sparked criticism among conservatives over their alleged failure to address national security concerns and increasing illegal immigration at the Southern border.

President Joe Biden will return to Philadelphia in the final stop of his three-day tour of the crucial battleground state of Pennsylvania, where he will announce the endorsement of the Kennedy family. More than 15 members of the Kennedy family, who have previously criticized Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s independent bid for the White House, will endorse President Biden at a campaign event in Philadelphia. Many believe Mr. Kennedy’s third-party challenge poses a bigger problem for President Biden than for President Trump.

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