LinkedIn Shuts Down App for China | China In Focus

by EditorR

LinkedIn is bidding farewell to China after discontinuing its China App: In-Career. But what led to this decision?

Prosecutors said the mother of a U.S. sailor told her son, “You will get a job in the Chinese government one day,” to encourage him to deliver military secrets to China. Now he is facing multiple federal charges linked to espionage.

President Joe Biden is set to unveil new restrictions on U.S. investments in China targeting three Chinese sectors.

Chinese economic woes continue with another concern: deflation. Why is this a problem? And what does it mean for the Chinese economy?

Topics in this Episode:

1. LinkedIn Shuts Down App for China
2. Lawyer: Mom of Navy Sailor Encouraged Him to Spy
3. U.S. to Ban Some Investments in China
4. New Bill Requires Colleges to Divest from China
5. China’s Falling Prices: Why Is This a Concern?
6. CCP to Require All Apps to Share Business Details
7. Controversy Erupts Over Chinese Socialist Graffiti
8. U.S., Chinese Officials Meet in Saudi Arabia
9. Corr: Deflation ‘A Spiraling Down Effect’ for the CCP to Generate Tax Revenues

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