Mom Draws Backlash Online for Drawing Eyebrows on Baby Daughter–but Her Response Is Perfect

by FDeditor

(Caters News)

By Catherine Bolton, The Epoch Times

A newborn baby in Fife, Scotland, was jokingly taught a valuable lesson by her mother using some removable makeup and a camera. The lesson learned? Don’t fall asleep at parties!

The 27-year-old mom Danielle McSherry-Schee drew some hilarious and bold new eyebrows on her new baby daughter, Isabella, to the delight of everyone on the internet who saw it.

It started when McSherry-Schee was overcome with inspiration to do something fun with the tiny tot thanks to her daughter’s fair hair, which left the new baby with little in the way of eyebrows.

Epoch Times Photo

Danielle McSherry-Schee (Caters News)

“Isabella has really fair hair and basically no eyebrows—I have always wondered what Isabella will look like with them,” said McSherry-Schee. “And one day a wave of inspiration came over me and I had to draw them on. I used my powder and just lightly drew on symmetrical eyebrows, a bit like mine.”

“I couldn’t stop laughing which woke Isabella up so I took a quick photo and wiped them off. My friends and I haven’t stopped laughing.

“It is a photo I will keep forever and I might even put it on her 18th birthday cake.”

Epoch Times Photo

Danielle McSherry-Schee’s daughter Isabella with eyebrows, courtesy of Mom (Caters News)

The photo is hilarious to see, with baby Isabella boasting some seriously sassy brows to go with her bald baby head and tiny features. It’s a stark contrast from all the other pictures of her and her mother, which depict the newborn just as her mother described—with “basically no eyebrows.”

The photo went viral when it was posted on Facebook, where McSherry-Schee had explained that her friends found it just as funny as she did. Yet, in the face of some internet criticism—some commenters accusing the new mom of “child abuse”—McSherry-Schee has decided to look past the negative words and focus on how much fun the harmless prank was.

Epoch Times Photo

Danielle McSherry-Schee’s daughter Isabella having a good laugh (Caters News)

“Everyone found the photo as funny as I did however some people commented saying it is ‘child abuse’ which made me feel like I had done something wrong,” she said.

“But I didn’t put my baby in danger and the other moms in the Facebook group defended me. I would probably do it again because it is that funny!” she added.

There is always the risk, of course, that a baby or young child, just like adults, might be allergic to some of the ingredients in makeup products. Though in an article consulting experts about the safety of using makeup on an infant’s face—something that plenty of parents do around Halloween to create cute animal noses and whiskers—it’s generally just advised to avoid the cheap Halloween costume makeup and stick with brands you’d feel comfortable using on your own face.

So, would McSherry-Schee’s adorable prank pose a problem, which saw baby Isabella wearing her frightful and fabulous new eyebrows for just a few minutes? As Science-based medicine pediatrician Dr. Clay Jones explained about brief makeup stints for young faces, it “shouldn’t be a problem.”

And clearly, it got plenty of laughs! For now, the only question remaining is just how embarrassed Isabella will be when the picture gets pulled out around friends in high school and beyond.


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