NTD Daybreak Full Broadcast (June 7)

by EditorR

New Mexico is holding its primary elections on June 7. We’re taking a look at the candidates in the Land of Enchantment.

New Jersey voter registration records show over 8,200 duplicate names, making it possible for one person to cast two ballots.

And a U.S. court issues seizure warrants for Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s two luxury planes—after the billionaire continued to fly to Moscowdespite export controls.

Topics in this episode include:

1. New Mexico Primary Elections
2. New Jersey Records Show Over 8,200 Duplicate Voters
3. U.S. Issues Seizure Warrant of Russian Billionaires Two Luxury Planes
4. Elon Musk Backtracks On Tesla Layoffs
5. Worker Shortages Cancel Summer Camps
6. California Man Determined To Kayak To Hawaii
7. U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson wins confidence vote
8. Dominican Republic’s Environment Minister Murdered
9. Former Sony CEO Nobuyuki Idei dies
10. Apple Unveils New Features and Laptops
11. Shipwrecks with gold coins and treasure discovered coast of Colombia
12. NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art Kimono Exhibit
13. Beauty in the Mundane
14. Teen Saves Helpless Puppy in the Rain

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