NTD News Today Full Broadcast (April 16)

by EditorR

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) on April 15 unveiled a plan for separate aid packages for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. A fourth bill would reportedly wrap in a TikTok ban and the REPO (Rebuilding Economic Prosperity and Opportunity) for Ukrainians Act, which would allow the United States to seize some assets of Russian oligarchs to help finance the costs of fighting the war there.

Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday criticized the judge overseeing the “hush-money” case in Manhattan, before he attended his second day in court, and said that a gag order that was imposed on him should be removed. The former president added that he should be campaigning for the White House instead of being in court.

Two counts of impeachment against Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, approved on Feb. 13 by the House of Representatives, will be formally presented to the Senate. Eleven House members previously named as impeachment managers will walk from the lower chamber through Statuary Hall in the Capitol and then to the Senate in a brief ceremony that has been repeated only 17 times since the first Congress in 1789.

Topics in this episode include:

  1. Israel Vows Response to Iran Strikes
  2. Speaker Johnson Unveils New Israel, Ukraine Plan
  3. House Passes Bills Targeting Iran’s Finances
  4. How Will Israel Respond to Iran?
  5. Are Israel-Saudi Relations Holding Strong?
  6. Would Israel Loose Support in a Wider War?
  7. How Can U.S. Promote Stability in Middle East?
  8. Gaza Protesters Disrupt Traffic in Cities Across U.S.
  9. House Passes FISA Bill Without Warrant Amendment
  10. Trump’s NY Hush Money Trial Day 2
  11. Over Half of Potential Jurors Dismissed in Trump Trial
  12. ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape Cannot Be Used as Evidence
  13. Trump Condemns Trial as ‘Witch Hunt’
  14. Judge Rules Trump Can’t Attend Immunity Hearing
  15. Scotus to Hear J6 Case With Trump Implications
  16. White House Denies House GOP Request for Biden Testimony
  17. Bidens Release 2023 Tax Returns
  18. Auditors Question Gov. Sanders’ $19K Lectern
  19. House to Send Mayorkas Impeachment Articles to Senate
  20. Ice Arrests Illegal Immigrant Charged With Rape of Minor
  21. Colorado Counties Sue State, Want to Work With Ice
  22. House Hears Testimony on Border Crisis
  23. Protecting Public Safety: Border Crisis Hearing
  24. How Border Crisis Affects Public Safety
  25. Israel Weighing Response to Iran Attack
  26. Jury Selection Continues on Day 2 of Trump Trial
  27. Biden Targets Wealthy in Pennsylvania Tour
  28. Maine’s ‘National Popular Vote’ Bill to Become Law
  29. Scotus Allows Idaho Ban on Minor Cross-Sex Procedures
  30. Microsoft to Invest $1.5 Billion in Emirati AI Firm G42
  31. House Lawmakers Tackle China’s Role in Fentanyl Crisis
  32. Lawmakers Probe China’s Role in Deadly Fentanyl Crisis
  33. What Is China’s Role in U.S. Fentanyl Deaths?
  34. Expert Testimony: China’s Role in U.S. Fentanyl Deaths
  35. Protesters at Us House Hearing on Fentanyl & China
  36. Watch: House Hearing on Us Fentanyl Crisis & China
  37. Solomon Islands Face Critical Election Wednesday
  38. German Delegation’s Tricks to Avoid Chinese Espionage
  39. NY Prosecutors Preview Evidence Against Trump
  40. Can Trump Get a Fair Trial in NYC?
  41. Now: Second Round of Potential Jurors in Court
  42. Speaker Johnson’s Aid Plan Met With Ouster Threat
  43. Biden Policy Emboldened Iran: Strategist
  44. Biden Opens Three-Day Campaign Swing in Pa
  45. Judge Dismisses Some Claims Against Meta’s Zuckerberg
  46. Report: DOJ to File Antitrust Suit Against Live Nation
  47. Judge Upholds Giuliani’s $148M Defamation Verdict
  48. Lahaina Fire Report to Detail Fire Dept. Response
  49. NY: Gluten-Free Bagels Recalled for Gluten
  50. Flames Engulf Copenhagen’s Historic Stock Exchange
  51. Capri Gears Up Security Measures Ahead of G7 Summit
  52. Georgia Presses On With ‘Foreign Agent’ Bill
  53. S. Citizen Arrested in Moscow Is in Court
  54. S. Trade Chief Tai Testifies Before Congress
  55. Solomon Islands Face Critical Election Wednesday
  56. China, Russia Disguise Copper Trading to Avoid Sanctions
  57. South Korea Marks 10th Anniversary of Sewol Ferry Disaster
  58. Korea Ferry Disaster: A Mother’s Grief 10 Years On
  59. Denmark Celebrates Annual Springtime Cow Release
  60. German Boys Discover Prehistoric Elephant Bones
  61. NASA’s Budget May Doom $2B Chandra Space Telescope
  62. Atlanta Tops World’s Busiest Airports

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