NTD News Today Full Broadcast (Feb. 12)

by EditorR

Responses are pouring in to former President Donald Trump’s remarks regarding NATO. At a South Carolina rally, President Trump suggested the United States might not protect allies who aren’t meeting the alliance’s spending goals. Presidential candidate Nikki Haley criticized her rival, calling his words “irresponsible,” while Republican Senator Marco Rubio defended President Trump, saying it was an example of how, as president, he had spurred other countries to become more involved in NATO.

The Biden administration has admitted that it pushed banks to search customer transaction records using terms like “MAGA” and “Trump” to help catch Jan. 6 protesters. Republican lawmakers are criticizing the controversial move, including Congressman Jim Jordan, who accused the Biden administration of disregarding Americans’ fundamental civil liberties.

Israel’s military says special forces rescued two hostages early this morning during an overnight mission in Rafah. The operation was carried out after President Joe Biden told Israel’s Prime Minister not to move forward without a plan for the safety of civilians sheltering there. Israel also said its forces found a Hamas data center under the headquarters of the United Nations relief agency for Palestinians in Gaza, or UNRWA.

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