NTD News Today (June 7): Political Infighting Stops GOP Gas Stove Bill; Ukraine Dam Destruction Sends Corn, Grain Prices Up

by EditorR

The Biden administration is expected to soon finalize rules restricting gas stoves. House Republicans this week tried to prevent that but political infighting among them prevented progress.

The destruction of the Kakhovka dam has raised concerns about food supply disruptions to developing nations. Global prices for wheat and corn have soared since the dam in Ukraine collapsed.

Software developers based in China are writing the code for TikTok, according to a code sample obtained by an Australia’s Financial Review. The report raises new concerns that the Chinese Communist Party can access the data of more than one billion users worldwide.

Topics in this episode include:

1. Mike Pence Launches 2024 Election Bid
2. Voters Weigh In on Pence Campaign Launch
3. California Rule Favors Farm Union Organizing
4. CNN Parent Company Fires CNN CEO Chris Licht
5. Air Quality Alerts for Midwest, Northeast
6. Political Infighting Stops GOP Gas Stove Bill
7. 42,000 Ukrainians at Flood Risk: Kyiv
8. Ukraine Dam Breach Pushes Up Grain Prices
9. Goldman: U.S. Recession Now Less Likely
10. Fed Hike Chance 50/50: Portfolio Manager
11. UPS Workers Vote on Potential Strike
12. NYC Anti-Overdose Vending Machine
13. China to Prepare for ‘Worst Case Scenarios’
14. TikTok Code Worked on from China: Report
15. UK Orders China to Shut Police Outposts
16. NATO Prepares for Biggest-Ever Air Exercise
17. US Imposes Sanctions over Iran Missile
18. Lockdowns a ‘Global Policy Failure’: Study
19. Batman Wins European Trademark Dispute
20. ‘Game of Thrones’ City Faces Surge of Tourism
21. New Madrid Museum Features Kings’ Collections
22. Luxury Handbags Up for Auction in NY
23. Patek Philippe Watch to Fetch $2M at Auction
24. Sotheby’s to Auction World’s Largest Ruby
25. Drink a Cup of Tea for Your Heart
26. Tiger Cubs Paddle into Summer at London Zoo
27. Wildlife Officer Frees Bear Trapped in Truck

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