‘Peace, Serenity’ Says NASA Logistics Specialist About Shen Yun

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Jacques Vachon, Logistics Specialist for NASA, watched Shen Yun at the Keller Auditorium in Portland, Oregon. (By NTDTV)

Audience members in Portland, Oregon, said they were blown away by Shen Yun’s live performance. Some have waited years, while others try to come every year.

“Oh my goodness, it was grandiose, it was quite impressive,” said Jacques Vachon, a logistics specialist for NASA. “The introductions for every story were perfect, so we could place the actions with the story, and just the music was beautiful, it was truly sensational.”

Kimber Savage, a chiropractor, said, “The emotion that was expressed by the dancers and the variety of the show—there was a little bit of theater, there was a little bit of music, all the instruments. It was just lovely.”

Classical Chinese dance and ancient Chinese culture are inspired by spirituality.

“Too many people have forgotten the spiritual side of life,’ said Vachon. “We get worried about the things that happen every day—how to pay the bills, how to keep a roof over our heads—and we forget that there’s a lot more to life than just the everyday struggles that we have. Hopefully, people that see this will actually start thinking about the end result, and what the true goal is when we’re alive.”

“So many astronauts have made the same comment. Once they reach space, they look back and they look at Earth and they think and realize how small we are within this entire universe, which makes us special,” he added.

“I feel that music is a very spiritual experience in general, and combining the music with the colors and the dancing and just the traditional movements is incredibly spiritual and it really transmits that to the audience,” said Savage.

Photographer Ryan Lee said, “The symmetry and the imagery is out of this world. I mean, seeing the flowing nature of the women’s dresses, and all the leaps and acrobatics, is quite special and it shows a high level of commitment from the dancers, and I think it’s very applaudable.”

The audience felt that the energy that came out of the performance was serene and calm.

“Peace, serenity, it was truly inspirational,” said Vachon.

Kristin O’Neill, an artist and a co-owner of a private middle school, said, “The moment I sat down and saw all those costumes, it lifted my spirits.”

“I’d love to bring my whole school,” she said. “I think that it would be so important for them to see the history and for them to see the discipline. And also the design. I just think all of it is encompassing. And to also understand that performances like this aren’t being seen in China—I would love for my students to know the story.”

NTD News, Portland, Oregon


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