SHEIN Tries to Clear Name With DC Lobby Campaign | China In Focus

by EditorR

Chinese fast fashion giant SHEIN is under scrutiny over concerns of forced labor in its supply chain. The company is taking several steps to offset those allegations, including launching a lobbying campaign in Washington. It’s also talking up its new status as a Singapore-based company after relocating its headquarters there from Nanjing, China. But critics aren’t convinced, saying SHEIN needs to do more to clear its name in the coming months.

Topics in this episode:

  1. SHEIN Tries to Clear Name with DC Lobby Campaign
  2. Report: West Losing Global Tech Competition to China
  3. ‘Someone May Get Hurt:’ White House on China’s Provocations
  4. U.S. Chinese Officials Hold Talks in Beijing
  5. Fiji to Withdraw Police Pact with China
  6. Int’l Spy Chiefs Join Secret Singapore Meeting: Report
  7. China, India Expel Each Other’s Journalists
  8. U.S. Looking to Improve Diplomacy in Space
  9. Key U.S. and Allied Space Assets at Risk: Expert on Beijing’s Threats in Space

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