Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra 2019 Comes to New York This Weekend

by FDeditor

The sounds of ancient Chinese melodies coupled with Western Classics came out of the Roy Thomson Hall on Oct. 6.

Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra will perform in New York City this weekend after a successful season in Taiwan and Toronto.

“It’s fantastic, it’s our first time here,” said Michael Ryall. “The combination of western and ancient Chinese is beautiful, really beautiful.”

Michael is a professor of Strategy Management at Rotman School of Management. He and his wife Hilary, who is the head of the Continuing Education at the University of St. Michael’s, Toronto, lived in China for a year almost 30 years ago.

Michael said listening to Shen Yun’s music felt like they were going back in time. “It brings back memories,” he added.

“With each piece of music, it says if it takes you to a different time and tells a different story about the different places and people in times of China’s history in western words,” said Hilary.

Following Shen Yun’s sold-out dance performances worldwide, the company now brings 5,000 years of Chinese civilization to life in a classical music concert, according to Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra’s website.

“The melodies are fantastic,” said Michael.

Each year, Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra travels around the world and performs Westerns classics and its all-original compositions.

“Really, they produce the best music so far,” said Rosemer Enverga, the Executive Vice President of Philippine Canadian Charitable Foundation.

The next performance will be held in Carnegie Hall, New York City, on Oct. 12.


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