Special Panel: Canada’s Experts Weigh In on the Response to China and Relationship With the US

by EditorT

By David Zhang

What is Canada’s role as a democratic nation alongside the United States? In the recent hostage exchange involving two Canadians and Huawei’s CFO, how have Canadians and Americans learned about China’s ruthless aggression? Plus, as Beijing aims to kick off the Winter Olympics next year, how can free democratic nations respond? Meanwhile, the unspoken border drug crisis continues, with fentanyl leaking into the United States through the northern border. With all these issues, we asked experts about how the Chinese regime is attacking the world, and making Canada a victim along with the United States. Join me and three panelists to talk about it.

David Kilgour is a former Canadian member of Parliament and a human rights lawyer. He has been a champion of fighting against the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) human rights violations, releasing an extensive report on organ harvesting crimes in China.

Dean Baxendale is the president and publisher of Optimum Publishing International. The company’s recent works include books detailing the ambitions of the CCP. Plus, his board membership at the China Democracy Foundation highlights his long engagement with Chinese politics.

And Cleo Paskal is an associate fellow in Chatham House’s Asia-Pacific program. She reports and publishes on China and Indo-Pacific news. Her extensive knowledge of the CCP helps to establish her authority in the field.

David Zhang

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