Taiwan Says It Won’t Back Down From China Threat

by EditorR

Premiered on Oct 13, 2021

An official response from Taiwan over Beijing’s aggressiveness says Taiwan stands on the front lines of what it described as an assault and it won’t back down, as ​​China conducted military exercises in the Taiwan Strait.

Beijing claims Taiwan is “not eligible” to join the United Nations because it claims the island as a part of mainland China.

Widespread power shortages are still wreaking havoc across China. Almost two-thirds of the country is now struggling with electricity rationing.

And the problem is hitting the global supply chain, too. Hundreds of workers are protesting from one company in South China—and they work for a main supplier to Apple computers.

The world is still wondering, where exactly did the pandemic come from? A vital clue could be sitting inside tens of thousands of blood samples in Wuhan.

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