Tory MP Rempel Garner Giving Alberta UCP Leadership Bid ‘Serious Consideration’

by EditorK

Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner (Michelle Staff/CC0 1.0 Public Domain)

By Isaac Teo

Tory MP Michelle Rempel Garner says she’s considering a bid for leadership of Alberta’s United Conservative Party (UCP).

In a series of tweets on June 15, Rempel Garner said she is stepping away from her role as campaign co-chair of Patrick Brown’s federal Conservative leadership campaign so that she can focus her attention on Alberta.

“Alberta is—and always has been—my top priority. Today, I can confirm that I am giving a provincial leadership bid serious consideration. I owe it to Albertans to give this critical decision my full and complete attention,” she said.

“I will make my decision based on the conversations I have with the people I represent—Albertans.”

Rempel Garner, who represents the riding of Calgary Nose Hill, said the decision to run for UCP leadership should not be “taken lightly by anyone.”

“With cost of living spiraling out of control and a federal Liberal govt hostile to Alberta’s interests, picking a leader who can defeat their NDP allies in next year’s provincial election is critical,” she said.

“Our province needs hope, a positive vision for the future, and a Conservative leader who can inspire Albertans and win.”

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