UK Lawmakers Urge Hong Kong Chief Executive to Exercise RestraintSenators Condemn Arson Attack on…

by FDeditor

UK’s Former Foreign Secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind signed a letter to Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam expressing grave concern over the crisis in Hong Kong, in particular at the Polytechnic University.

As universities become the latest battleground recently in Hong Kong, the UK is calling on the Hong Kong Chief Executive to exercise restraint.

Sir Rifkind’s letter was signed by other UK lawmakers, including Baroness Bennett and Lord Alton, who condemn the violence coming from a minority of protesters, but said recently, the police have fueled the escalation of violence.

Bennet and Alton have said Lam should act to prevent the loss of life.

“Hong Kong’s Chief Executive has the responsibility to do everything possible to prevent a massacre,” Rifkind said. “She must order the police to exercise restraint and not to use live ammunition or other forms of lethal force.”

A protester (L) is beaten by riot police while attempting to find safe passage out of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University campus in Hung Hom district of Hong Kong on Nov. 18, 2019. (Ye Aung Thu/AFP via Getty Images)

Reporting by Jane Werrell.

Lorenz Duchamps has contributed to this report.


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