UK Parliament Researcher Arrested as Alleged China Spy | China In Focus

by EditorR

Beijing’s spies reportedly come in all shapes and sizes. That’s based on a new report saying a suspected agent for the Chinese regime had been operating in the UK Parliament until getting arrested by British police over the weekend. Here’s the twist: he’s not ethnically Chinese.

The British prime minister is striking a tone of defiance. What security risks does the discovery highlight, for both the UK and the United States?

Topics in this episode:

  1. UK Parliament Researcher Arrested as Alleged China Spy
  2. China Views UK as Rival, Not Friend: Expert
  3. Ex-Harvard Professor Sentenced Over China Ties
  4. Gallagher: China Economy ‘Crisis’ Could Up Taiwan Risks
  5. Is China Still Capable of Attacking Taiwan?
  6. Chinese Accounts Target Americans with AI: Microsoft
  7. China’s Missing Defense Minister Sparks Questions
  8. Kim Jong Un in Russia Amid U.S. Warnings
  9. What to Expect from Putin, Kim Jong Un Meeting
  10. Flood Sinks Chinese Military Aircraft, Tanks: Report

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