US Funding Chinese Communist Party Economic Growth: Experts

by EditorR

A virus unleashed, hoards of spy balloons, rounds of disinformation attacks, and theft of American jobs. These are just some of the covert weapons the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has used against the United States. How has the Beacon of Freedom helped the communist adversary grow strong enough to take on the West?
We spoke with Capt. James Fanell, government fellow of the Global Fellowship Initiative, and Bradley Thayer, senior fellow at the Center for Security Policy, to find out more. They’re also the authors of “Embracing Communist China,” a new book that explores the threat our nation faces from the CCP.
Bradley Thayer: “Never in history has one country funded the rise of its enemy, which is what the United States has done.”
James Fanell: “It’s an existential threat, where the Chinese Communist Party is seeking to, essentially, destroy the United States, who they believe is the one country that can stand in their way of achieving this great rejuvenation of China.”
“Across the board, you can pick a topic, and you can see the pernicious influence of the Chinese Communist Party,” he said.
Bradley Thayer: “We’re in this ‘Cold-War’ situation, this period of intense security competition, that we must now resolve.”

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