Vancouver Vigil on Canada Day Opposes Beijing’s National Security Law Imposed on Hong Kong

by EditorL

Vancouver residents on Canada Day held a vigil in the rain in front of the Chinese Consulate to mourn the death of democracy in Hong Kong and to cheer on the Hong Kong people’s defiance against Beijing’s controversial National Security Law, which went into force July 1st.

Vigil attendee Leo: “The Chinese regime pushed through all of the procedures by force to enact this legislation and put it into effect immediately. We absolutely must object to it.”

Many fear that the National Security Law will be used to clamp down on those critical of the Chinese Communist Party.

Vigil attendee Jay: “Article 38 of the National Security Act says that even non-Hong Kong people can be arrested. This is simply ridiculous, absurd. Currently this law interferes with the freedom of people worldwide.”

Vigil attendee Jay: “Can’t be afraid anymore, can’t back down anymore. If we back down again, we’ll all be in refugee camps.”

Jenny Kwan, a Hong Kong-born member of Parliament, pointed out that the Chinese Communist Party ended the “one country, two systems” promise it made 23 years ago, depriving Hong Kong of democracy and freedom and putting in danger 300,000 Canadians currently living in Hong Kong. Canada cannot turn a blind eye.

MP Jenny Kwan: “We need to ensure that we step up in that arena, we need to bring in other laws to ensure that perpetrators of crimes against humanity do not get access to the Canadian system, and most important of all, we need to all stand together for democracy and freedoms.”

Vigil attendee Leo: “People on the front line in Hong Kong, you must safeguard your lives, to see that day, our international efforts will help you fight to the end, to fulfill this dream. Hope to truly ‘Liberate Hong Kong, the revolution of our times.’”

On the same day, the Canadian government updated its travel advisory for Hong Kong, warning Canadians of “increased risk of arbitrary detention on national security grounds and possible extradition to mainland China” if they travel to Hong Kong.

NTD , Vancouver.

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