‘Very Important to Watch’ Shen Yun Moves Global Audiences

by EditorR

A performance that brings back 5000 years of traditional Chinese culture – Shen Yun is touring around the world and inspiring audiences.

“Their beauty, their calmness, their peace, they’re embracing each other. I just think it was so well done, so beautiful, it just keeps coming to mind to me,” said Mary Ann Borgeson, who is the chair of Douglas County Commissioners, and saw Shen Yun in Omaha, Nebraska on April 4.

“It was amazing, just the dancing the colors and music. It was incredible. I really, really enjoyed it and love the choreography and the storytelling,” said Jamaal Myers, who saw Shen Yun in Toronto, Canada on April 8. He is a city council member of Toronto.

“And we have just witnessed a quite extraordinary performance, and it is with great great pleasure. I saw that the whole crowd, the whole public was enthusiastic and very happy when they left and I really think that’s a show that you have to see,” said Eric Danon, who saw Shen Yun in Tel Aviv, Israel on April 8. He is the French Ambassador to Israel.

Many cities honored Shen Yun with proclamations, including Omaha and Toronto.

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