‘Very Uplifting and Enlightening’ Shen Yun in Calgary, Canada

by EditorR

Shen Yun took the stage for four performances in Calgary, Canada from March 10th to 12th. Audiences said they felt enlightened.

“Oh, it was just beautiful,” said Jane Dutton, who is the former co-owner of A-1 Signs. “And I think the thing that caught me the most was the color. I mean, the dancing was absolutely phenomenal, and the costumes were just fabulous. But the color that just brought it all together was really, really special.”

“It’s surprising, like it’s a very unique type of performing art,” said Author Claudia Cattaneo, who is also an award-winning journalist. “I love the fact that every dance has a message, right, which is really what the best art is about. It’s about messages.”

“Very uplifting and enlightening,” said Bernadette Geronazzo, who is the executive director of Fabbrici Foundation. “What impressed me the most was the level of talent, the exquisite level of artistry and strength, as well as their ability to convey very touching stories through dance and music.”

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