China In Focus Full Broadcast (Jan. 23)

by EditorR

The United States is signaling plans for a more active economic presence in several African countries as the Chinese regime’s Belt and Road Initiative stakes its influence there. The Chinese infrastructure plan has also been dubbed “debt trap diplomacy.” Under it, over $100 billion have flooded into African countries over the years. But why is Africa so important to these two superpowers? And should the United States be pouring more money into the region?

Topics in this episode:

  1. Yellen Voices U.S. Support Amid 10-Day Africa Trip
  2. China’s Belt and Road Failed in Africa: Expert
  3. Why Does Africa Matter to the U.S., World?
  4. Chinese Pray for Health as COVID-19 Death Toll Rises
  5. Death Estimate for One Chinese City 2x Higher Than Official Toll for Entire Country
  6. Caskets, Urns Out of Stock Across China
  7. Chinese Tourists Arrive in Thailand, Indonesia
  8. FBI Chief Raises Concerns About China’s AI
  9. Huawei Stakes Profit Plan on Ports, Factories
  10. NTD Publishes Article from Falun Gong Founder
  11. Destroying American Democracy an Inside Job: Hoekstra

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