China in Focus Full Broadcast (Jan. 25)

by EditorR

A breakneck pace and a lack of transparency are marking COVID-19’s spread to hundreds of millions of people in the world’s most populous nation. But how deadly will China’s virus surge get? Beijing said the virus wave has already passed its peak, and that the daily death rate has dropped over 70 percent. But a new model predicted just the opposite. And locals say caskets are selling out, as losses mount in rural China. Will the country see a COVID-19 rebound? Or is the current wave already over? And what’s the real situation surrounding China’s outbreak?

Topics in this episode:

  1. More Severe COVID-19 Wave to Hit China: Study
  2. White House on China COVID-19 Transparency
  3. Is Pfizer’s Paxlovid Drug Too Expensive for China?
  4. Fentanyl Precursor from China Seized in U.S.
  5. Nigeria Opens Deep Seaport Owned by China
  6. China Nationals Arrested for Smuggling Lithium Stones
  7. 2 Dead, 7 Missing in China Dam Incident
  8. Rep. Tiffany’s New Bill to Normalize Taiwan Relations

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