China In Focus Full Broadcast (Jan. 26)

by EditorR

Did Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s gamble pay off? Some Chinese officials are saying the COVID-19 peak is coming down. But is that true? China just saw a massive spike in virus cases across the nation. And investigative reporting by NTD’s sister media found some regions have seen numbers around six times higher than in last month. What’s driving the discrepancies? And what do they mean for the rest of the world?

Topics in this episode:

  1. Nanjing Sees Six-Fold Increase in Deaths: Report
  2. Ex-Chicago Student Gets 8 Years for Spying in U.S.
  3. Report: U.S. Defense Industry Not Ready for War, Pentagon Responds in Press Briefing
  4. Taiwan Appoints New National Security Bureau Chief
  5. Japan Launches Intelligence Gathering Satellite
  6. 20% of Americans Left Hong Kong in Past Two Years: Consul
  7. Church Torn Down in China’s Zhejiang
  8. Pope Advises Patience Over China in Vatican Interview
  9. Nigeria Opens Deep Seaport Owned by China
  10. China Is a Bad Actor: Gov. Kristi Noem on China’s Buying Up Land in the U.S.

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