China Sends Record Number of Jets Near Taiwan | China In Focus

by EditorR

Over a hundred warplanes in 24 hours—a record-breaking count as Beijing flexes its military might on Taiwan. At the same time, China has an offer for the Taiwanese people. Will the island take the bait for a “peaceful reunification” instead of possible war?

“Strategic ambiguity” versus “strategic clarity”: what path would former President Donald Trump choose if elected to deal with Beijing’s threat of war?

A top Chinese official was ousted from his post as foreign minister and is now under a national security investigation. What sparked it all? An extramarital affair during his time as ambassador to Washington.

A bigger threat than COVID-19? We take a look at what’s putting China’s $500 billion wedding industry at risk.

And Republican presidential candidate Mike Pence just described China as an “evil empire” in the making.

Topics in this episode:

  1. China Sends Record Number of Jets near Taiwan
  2. China Pushes Plan to Entice Taiwan Companies, People
  3. ‘Strategic Ambiguity’: Trump to Keep China Guessing
  4. Pence: China Working to Become ‘Evil Empire’
  5. Sen. Tim Scott: Bring Jobs Back from China
  6. Blinken Meets with Top China Official Han Zheng
  7. Former Top China Official Investigated for Affair in U.S.
  8. Hunter Biden Sues the IRS; Lawsuit Says Agents Disclosed Private Records
  9. ASEAN Nations Launch Joint Drill near South China Sea
  10. Chinese Wedding Planners Worry as Business Slumps
  11. U.S. Fails to Understand New Forms of Warfare: Scheinmann

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