Political Leaders Should “Turn That Hurt into Hope”: Poilievre

by EditorL

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre spoke at the year-end press conference held on Parliament December 30, 2022 (screent shot).

By Limin Zhou

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre says that he doesn’t like the flags around the country that cursing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with profanity and he doesn’t like the rage. But he recognises that people were angry because they are hurting.

Poilievre shared his thoughts about the F*** Trudeau flags during his year-end press conference on December 30th, when he was asked to comment on his predecessor Erin O’Toole’s expressed wish to see fewer such flags in 2023. “These flags and the hyper-aggressive rhetoric that often accompanies them are slowly normalizing rage and damaging our democracy,” wrote O’Toole in a blog.

“I think we have to ask ourselves, why are people so angry? … And the answer is that they’re hurting,” said Poilievre, “I have never seen so much hurt and so much pain and suffering in the population in my nearly two decades in politics.”

Poilievre noted that things were not easy for the 1.5 million Canadians who went to a food bank in March to eat.

“Of course we should tell people to be more civil, and to reject offensive signs, flags and language. But we should also ask ourselves, why are people hurting so badly?” said Poilievre.

He said that for an average person in Canada who’s struggling to make their mortgage payments that had gone up by $800-$900 a month, they’re living in a different world from the elites.

“So sure, let’s tell people to be more civil. But let’s as political leaders, actually try to solve the problems that have upset and angered and hurt people so badly,” said Poilievre.

Poilievre said it’s the job of the leaders of the country “to turn that hurt into hope, to transform it into something better”.

“Let’s make this a place where people feel like their hard work pays off, where their leaders don’t talk down to them and point fingers at them, but rather, lift them up, where we have a prime minister that actually brings people together and gives them the hope that tomorrow can be better than today.”


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