China In Focus Full Broadcast (Nov. 21)

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Vice President Kamala Harris is in the Philippines, reaffirming Washington’s “unwavering” defense commitment to the country.

Debris from a Chinese rocket launch has been retrieved by the Philippine Navy. But later, the material was “forcibly seized” by a Chinese vessel.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is apologizing for criticism of China. The critique came from British former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, accusing Beijing of a “candid disregard for the rule of international law.”

Is Australia shifting its allegiance? The nation’s prime minister is hinting at pulling support for a Taiwanese bid to join a major trade bloc, just days after meeting with China’s leader.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Harris: ‘Unwavering’ U.S. Commitment to Philippines
  2. CCP ‘Forcefully’ Takes Rocket Debris from Philippines
  3. Michael Bloomberg Apologizes for Johnson’s Criticism of China, Russia During Event
  4. NATO: China Uping Control of Western Infrastructure
  5. Australia Retracts Remarks on Taiwan’s CPTPP Bid
  6. Indonesia: Non-Alignment with Either U.S. or China
  7. Indonesia Grappling with $22B Debt to China
  8. Version 2.0 of Munich Meeting with Hitler: Gaffney on Xi-Biden Meeting

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