NTD Good Morning Full Broadcast (Sept. 9)

by EditorR

Queen Elizabeth II passed away at the age of 96. Her son Charles will succeed her on the throne. We look back at the Queen’s reign, and what the future holds for the British monarchy.

Former Trump Adviser Steve Bannon pleaded not guilty to new State charges on Sept. 8. He says the indictment is politically motivated.

Michigan’s high court has put the abortion question on the November ballot. Voters will determine whether to place legal access to abortion in the Michigan Constitution.

Topics in this episode include:

1. Queen Elizabeth II Dies, Ending Longest British Reign
2. Queen Met With 14 Presidents
3. Prince Charles to Become King
4. What’s Next for the British Monarchy?
5. Bannon Pleads Not Guilty in New Indictment
6. Michigan High Court Puts Abortion on Ballot
7. Hurricane Kay Weakens to Tropical Storm
8. Air Force Master Sergeant Remembers 9/11
9. North Korea Issues New Nuclear Force Law
10. UK Plans Energy Price Cap
11. Floating LNG Gas Terminal Opens in the Netherlands
12. College Student Adopts Abandoned Baby
13. National Teddy Bear Day
14. Police Evict Cake-Eating Bear From Kitchen


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