China In Focus Full Broadcast (Jan. 31)

by EditorR

Premiered on Jan 31, 2023

An NTD reporter was robbed at gunpoint outside her apartment complex at eight in the morning. The thief was more interested in phones and laptops than cash, focused on asking for a password. Was the armed attack random? Or is it related to a story she’s working on? And could the latest incident have been orchestrated by the Chinese Communist Party?

Topics in this episode:

  1. NTD White House Reporter Robbed at Gunpoint in Washington
  2. U.S. Reportedly Halts Export Licenses for Huawei
  3. Canadians Protest Alleged Chinese Police Outposts
  4. U.S., S. Korea Vow to Expand Military Drills
  5. NATO, Japan Pledge to Strengthen Ties Amid Concerns Over N. Korea, China, Russia
  6. China Condemns Czech President Over Taiwan Call
  7. Germany Announces Lithium Partnership with Chile as Berlin Looks to Lessen Dependence on China
  8. China’s CATL Ramps Up Battery Making in Germany
  9. Gutierrez-Boronat: Cuba’s Pawns, Financiers from China to America

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