China In Focus Full Broadcast (Jan. 16)

by EditorR

The world watched as U.S. COVID-19 deaths climbed past 1 million on Johns Hopkins University’s chart, but China’s number stayed below 5,000. Three years later, China is now changing its tune, saying tens of thousands have officially died from the virus. But is that the real number? A new study from Peking University estimates over 900 million are infected with the virus in China. The study goes on to note that, of that number, 80 percent are facing severe symptoms. Now, that study has already been deleted from all platforms in the country. Is China about to see a massive death wave?

Topics in this episode:

  1. China’s New COVID-19 Death Data Faces Scrutiny
  2. Chinese State Media on Outbreak in Chinese Army
  3. White House: U.S. to Punish Chinese Travelers for Faking Border Entry, COVID-19 Info
  4. Texas: Bill to Ban Chinese Investment in Real Estate
  5. State-Owned Chinese Airlines to Delist from NYSE
  6. China Lifts 18 Month Ban on New Didi Ride-Share Users
  7. Top Chinese Official Ends Africa Tour in Egypt
  8. U.S.-China Economic Talks Scheduled for Europe
  9. China’s Chief ‘Wolf Warrior’ Diplomat Sidelined
  10. Japan, India Hold First Joint Military Drill
  11. U.S. Shouldn’t Divert from Moon Program: Fisher

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