China in Focus Full Broadcast (Jan. 18)

by EditorR

Are China’s COVID-19 death toll numbers reliable? Beijing says about 60,000 died of the virus in recent weeks, from late December to early January. But internet users in China discovered the death count in just a single city far exceeds the official number for the entire country. Funeral homes in Beijing have the capacity to cremate about 130,000 people in that time frame. Removing those that died of natural causes, still more than 11,000 deaths could have been due to the virus.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Beijing Virus Death Estimates Surpass Official Numbers
  2. Funeral Industry Businesses Booming in China
  3. A Somber New Year for Those Grieving in China
  4. ‘So What If Millions Die?’: CCP Secretary’s Social Media Post Enrages Internet Users
  5. U.S. Travel Agency: No Swift Surge in Chinese Tourists
  6. Chinese New Year Tourists Welcome Eased Curbs
  7. Texas University Bans TikTok from Wifi Network
  8. Beijing Lays Out Optimistic Vision at Davos Forum
  9. Yellen, China’s Liu Agree to Boost Communication
  10. China 2022 Growth Slump Among Worst on Record
  11. Q&A: Why Doesn’t China Use Early COVID-19 Treatments?
  12. The Uyghur Genocide Continues: Hudayar

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