China In Focus Full Broadcast (Jan. 19)

by EditorR

Better days are ahead, and the hardest times are behind us—that’s the message coming from Chinese Communist Party authorities. But is it true? Funeral homes and hospitals are still overwhelmed in China, as the virus ravages the country. Foreign reporters wanted to find out for themselves, but found their efforts blocked. The Chinese regime is sticking with 60,000 as its official COVID-19 death toll. But people are casting doubt on that number—from experts to pundits to whispers on Chinese social media. With that still unclear, will China’s choice to open its borders impact the outside world?

Topics in this episode:

  1. Chinese Authorities Block Foreign Journalists from Reporting on COVID-19
  2. Reopened Borders: No Virus Impact on Countries Without Restrictions on Travelers from China
  3. Health Workers in China Protest Unpaid Wages
  4. Virginia Governor on China-Partnered Ford Plant Decision
  5. U.S. Urges Netherlands to Join Chip Ban on China
  6. Researcher Avoids Prison After China Espionage Probe
  7. Marvel Films to Premiere in China For First Time in Three Years
  8. Australia ‘Deeply Troubled’ Amid Delays to Espionage Trial Verdict in China
  9. ‘Recession’ in China? Experts on China’s Economy Post-‘Zero COVID-19’
  10. Gordon Chang on Virus Explosion in China: ATL

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