China In Focus Full Broadcast (Jan. 24)

by EditorR

Will war break out over Taiwan? Would the United States get involved? And which side is most ready for a conflict, the United States, China, or Taiwan? A study says the U.S. defense industry is “not adequately prepared” to take on a Chinese invasion of the island. But war game simulations predict the opposite. China’s current COVID-19 outbreak is adding to the uncertainty. And another two infection waves might be around the corner. With all that going on, Taiwan’s president wrote to Pope Francis, reiterating the island’s determination.

Topics in this episode:

  1. U.S. Defense Unprepared for a China Fight: Report
  2. War Game Simulates Chinese Invasion of Taiwan
  3. China CDC: 12,000 More COVID-19 Deaths? Reports from Residents Cast Doubt
  4. Death of Elderly in Rural China: Local Residents
  5. SOS Video from Secretly Detained Beijing Protesters
  6. Wuhan Residents Pay Tribute to COVID-19 Victims
  7. Foreign Control: a Threat to Water Resources?
  8. Chinese Battery Giant to Help Bolivia Develop Lithium
  9. South Africa, China, Russia Joint Drills
  10. China’s Infiltration in the Gaming Industry Imposing National Security Threats: Corr

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