China In Focus Full Broadcast (March 14)

by EditorR

Nuclear-powered submarines are the focus of the latest deal between the United States and Australia. Australia is set to get up to five from America, and sooner than expected. But China isn’t happy, with its officials slamming the news as a “cold war mentality.” President Joe Biden, meanwhile, says the deal will boost stability in the Indo-Pacific, adding that this is just the start of many more projects and more cooperation.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Australia to Buy U.S. Nuclear-Powered Submarines
  2. UK Green Lights Submarine Exports to Taiwan
  3. Washington’s $842B Defense Budget to Counter China’s ‘Pacing Challenge’
  4. Taiwan Showcases Drones, Key to ‘Asymmetric Warfare’
  5. Mi Lawmakers Oppose State’s $630M for New Ford Plant
  6. GOP Asks Energy Sec. to Retract China Praise
  7. China Newspaper Accused of Skewing Fukushima Water Release Details
  8. ‘Nothing’s Benign with the CCP’: Fanell on Chinese Spy Devices

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