China In Focus Full Broadcast (Nov. 23)

by EditorR

Violent protests erupt at the world’s biggest iPhone factory. Chinese workers are smashing windows and facing off against police officers.

A Taiwanese colonel has been charged for taking bribes from China, promising to surrender in the event of war with Beijing.

The first overseas Space Force unit activates. It’s based in the Indo-Pacific region, a move aimed at countering China.

Republicans in the House are taking aim at TikTok. A letter to the social media company’s chief executive suggests the platform may have misled Congress.

China is securing one of its biggest-ever natural gas deals with the world’s top exporter. Sixty billion dollars are on the table—but Europe is still on the fence over energy goals.

Topics in this episode:

  1. Protests Erupt at World’s Biggest iPhone Factory
  2. Taiwanese Colonel Paid to Surrender if China Invades
  3. U.S. Activates 1st Space Force Unit Deterring China
  4. Range of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command
  5. House GOP Letter Presses TikTok on Privacy Concerns
  6. China Secures 27 Year Lng Deal with Qatar
  7. Moody’s Closes Consulting Business in China
  8. China to Amend Competition Law with Steep Fines
  9. Little Changed in U.S. Stance on China: Pillsbury
  10. Restructure U.S. Gov’t to Match Beijing’s Threat: Pillsbury on Taking Lessons from the Past

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